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About Vandvid

The floating restaurant in Sydhavn

We are a floating restaurant on board a houseboat in Sydhavnen with the most beautiful view of the water from all sides. We serve food from fresh ingredients prepared on the ship's large wood stove and we grow our own herbs and flowers on our floating green garden fleet. Restaurant Vandvid is a project driven by passionate people, love and passion for sustainability. 

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We are open from Wednesday to Sunday for both outdoor and indoor serving with beer, coffee, several small dishes and lots of new wines. We also offer all dishes as takeaway. Feel free to book a table  here  and remember coronapas if you want to sit inside.

The people behind

Meet the three water-crazy zealots behind Restaurant Vandvid

Ivan Nielsen

Owner of the construction company Naturens Værksted for 40 years. Ivan can build anything. He is a carpenter, carpenter, bricklayer, stonemason, blacksmith, kiln builder, plumber and designer. He is also a bit of an artist and inventor, and has i.a. developed a new and revolutionary garden tool called Gardenscepter. He has previously run a health food store and held courses on vegetarian food. He even makes the city's best vegan steak.


Jens Emil Nielsen

Owner of carpentry and design company Zelephant, Construction, design, interest drawing and 3D. Has contributed to the rebuilding and interior design of a number of the better restaurants in Copenhagen, and never says no to a good glass of natural wine. Jens Emil can sing, so tears are shed and women's hearts melt ... and his homemade hot dogs are a legend! He has just become a father and is in full swing to train his daughter in good seamanship.

Dorrit Saietz

Former journalist at Politiken, where she ia. has written about climate, energy and green change. Dorrit is the project administrator with responsibility for accounting, marketing and PR.

Dorrit can't build anything, but she's in control of ring binders and spreadsheets. She also likes to make an authentic Latin American ceviche  not to mention that she is famous for her mojito cocktail. And she loves a good cup of coffee more than anything else.


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